So... What is Numbcast?

Numbcast is a podcast from East Yorkshire, UK. It was started in April 2005 by Michael Tunnicliffe and featured various people playing music, having fun, and generally making fools of themselves.

Tunnie isn't here any more, but in October 2006 we brought back the podcast. The style of the new shows is similar, and the flow of new in-jokes doesn't show any signs of stopping. We're also trying to use Numbcast to promote local (and not-so-local) independent music.

But why?


It ain't called "An unnecessary podcast from Middle England" for nothing. We do it because it's fun, and we're attention whores.

Having said that, promoting music is cool too.

And who are you?

Good question. The person who's trying his hardest to avoid writing this page in first-person singular is Robert Marshall. You should probably contact him for grammar nitpicks and technical complaints regarding this website.

To find out more than you need to know about all of us, visit the Presenters page.